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Exercise and Sexual Health + Relationships

By Bell Moody, PT, DPT

Listen to the podcast version here

Did you know exercise can have a HUGE affect on your sexual health but also the way you interact with people/participate in relationships? It CAN and it DOES.


Regarding sexual health:

Exercise increases blood flow throughout the body. Blood flow is essential for sexual health as it promotes arousal and is essential for sensation contributing to pleasure.

Strength is also necessary for adequate sexual health. A healthy (relaxed yet strong) core and pelvic floor are necessary for arousal and orgasm (male and female alike). Exercise in general and not just pelvic floor and core focused exercises can contribute to strong, well-functioning muscles that can support you sexually.

In general, an overall healthier state of being will promote improved sexual health. Maintaining a healthy amount of exercise on a regular basis will promote lower stress levels, better cardiovascular health (blood pressure, cholesterol, better functioning of the heart), improved functioning of muscles, and so much more. All of these things play a part in your body's ability to participate sexually in a healthy way.

For more info on other sexual health tips follow this link.

Regarding relationships:

A 2021 study found that romantic partners that exercised together reported improved mood DURING exercise, an overall sense of improved mood, AND higher relationship satisfaction.

Why is this? Potentially because of the physical benefits of exercising that you experience together has a overflow effect on your emotional feelings? Another reason I believe (and am speculating) is that: exercise and overall physical activity are believed to help release negative emotions in the brain. So if this release + endorphin release that happens with exercise are happening ALL while alongside your romantic partner? I believe you will reap many benefits! Like taking a relationship vitamin.

Do you work out with your romantic partner? Let us know and share this post if you believe these tenants to be true!

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