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How to exercise consistently

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Do you ever feel like you're constantly getting uprooted in your plan to exercise on a regular basis?

We've been there. It's not easy to keep to movement/exercise as a priority in our society today. However, it's possible and we want to give you some sure-fire ways to protect your plans to improve your health using movement as medicine.

1. Realism

Before you do anything else-FIRST, you have to get real with yourself, your situation, your goals, your BANDWIDTH for activities. If your expectations for your wellness routine our unrealistic with your schedule, your other activities that are taking priority-then-before you even start there's something ready to pull at your roots.

I encourage you to have a planner and write your weekly schedule out, alllll of your time commitments, even all of the things that don't seem like a "commitment" such as scrolling tik-tok, reading a book, laundry, etc. With that picture written in front of you-get real with yourself, what are you putting time towards that maybe you shouldn't? What do you need help with in order to have extra time to exercise?

GET REAL, make a realistic goal to start with, one that can be easily accomplished and write it down.

2. Reflection

Each week take a minute to reflect on what you accomplished-can your goal be modulated? Do you need to lower the expectation? Do you need to increase the expectation? It is absolutely necessary to examine how productive and beneficial your original plan was and adjust it as needed.

3. Partnership

Research shows that maintaining an exercise program of ANY sort is more likely to be accomplished with a group of people and/or a partner. I HIGHLY encourage finding someone with similar goals and a similar situation as you to follow these same steps and have the both of you create consistency together.

Lastly, you have to decide to not let your schedule rule your life. We are not guaranteed tomorrow-fill your days with things that better the world, lift up the people around you, and help you to feel better/live healthier. We only have one body-let's treat it well.

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