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Benefits of Barre

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

What better season to begin barre than during the holidays. Read below for the many ways barre can benefit your physique/well being in the last months of 2018.

Barre Basics

Barre was created by former ballerina-Lotte Berk of London. She created this form of low impact exercise due to a back injury.

At The Studio, our classes are based through American Barre Technique and focus on small, isometric movements. Rather than using momentum to create large movements we focus on contracting through the muscle group we're toning. This concept is difficult to perfect at first however our instructors are trained at assisting clients perform and execute this technique.

Studio Instructor Stories

Bell, Heather, and Jonette believe that you can make every barre class your own-increasing or decreasing the intensity to what is comfortable for you.

Our instructors not only teach but take classes when they can.

Bell-has continued to increase her body tone as she teaches and works out at The Studio

Heather-over a couple of months changed her body fat percentage from 24% to 19%

Jonette-is camera shy but she always is #goals

Sydney-lived at the beach this past summer and participated in another workout regimen; but she has seen a bigger difference in her overall tone since returning to Starkville and The Studio.

Barre is for EVERYONE. We create an environment that encourages every client and their individual goals. This Christmas season fight the holiday calories and make fitness your priority. We can help you accomplish your goals in a fun and achievable way!

Love-your Studio girls

Bell, Heather, Jonette, and Sydney

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