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Marye Will's Story

How did you start your journey at The Studio?

"I started my journey at the studio 3 months post-partum after my first pregnancy with my little boy, Hudson! I had always been into physical activity and exercise, but had not found my fit in my town I was living in! When I found out the studio was moving to Louisville, I thought “this is it! I want to be a part of the studio!” I actually decided to go all in and become an instructor! The studio welcomed me with open arms and they have been like family since!"

Do you feel like exercise contributed in any way to conceiving?

"Absolutely!! 15797436% YAS!!

Being a nurse, I have studied reproduction and some of the beneficial factors that go into conception include lifestyle and health! I was in the best shape of my life when we conceived with my second child! And I owe that to the studio for helping me achieve my physical shape!"

As your pregnancy progressed how has The Studio played a part in your journey?

"Exercise and physical activity play a HUGE role in pregnancy! There are so many benefits from exercising while pregnant! Benefits for baby and mama!! The studio kept me physically active which helped with my health, physically, mentally, and emotionally! And not just the physical aspect, but the studio really teaches you to slow down and listen to your body! Specifically the studio taught me stretches and modifications that benefitted and protected my pregnancy, but also breathing exercises that helped regulate me in every class!"

What do you wish you could tell someone who is pregnant and wanting to get into exercise?

"Do it!! Don’t let exercise scare you, You won’t regret it! I recommend exercising before becoming pregnant too but DEFINITELY becoming active while pregnant is just a bonus for you and baby all the way around! The studio will guide you and accommodate you during your entire journey!"

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