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Nikki's Story

How did you start your journey with barre?

"After months of gentle nudging from Megan I finally gave in and tried a free week in April of 2021. I am NOT a group fitness person so this was a big leap of faith. I was in a really mentally fragile spot in my personal life and the nonjudgmental space, the community, and the workouts were exactly what I needed when I needed them. Thanks, Megan!

Do you believe exercise contributed to conceiving in any way?

"I experienced secondary infertility. It took us a year to get pregnant with our second baby (due in just 4 weeks!!). We saw fertility specialists, started IUI treatments and drug therapy. It was a really hard time with lots of heart breaking negative pregnancy tests and shame spirals. While I can’t attest to what, if any, contribution barre played in my getting pregnant, what I know is barre saved my mental health during that time. It was a safe place where I wasn’t angry with my body. It helped to repair my relationship with my body after I’d lost all trust in its ability."

As your pregnancy progressed how has The Studio played a part in your journey?

"I cannot say enough about what barre has done for me during pregnancy. I have made MY body a focus this pregnancy and barre has been my biggest tool to honor that commitment. Physically, the difference between pregnancy 1 and 2 are night and day. While pregnancy is hard work no matter your fitness routine, barre has kept my soreness at bay, kept my energy levels up and my ankles a normal size! My ankles were so swollen and sore during my first pregnancy and (outside of traveling) swelling has been nonexistent this go around. I am now 35 weeks pregnant and still maintaining 2-3 classes a week plus walks. Some days are easier than others but I never regret it and I have every intention of continuing until I give birth!"

What do you wish you could tell someone who is pregnant and wanting to get more active?

"Listen to your body! Honor it. The entire world will put all of its focus on the baby and you will get lost in the shuffle. Make you and your body a commitment. Getting motivated to work out while also building an entire human is so hard, but so worth it. You will sleep better, you will have less aches and pains, less swelling, more mental clarity (pregnancy brain is REAL), and it will lessen your risk of gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and complications. PLUS it could potentially speed up the labor process, and aid in an easier recovery (THIS IS ESSENTIAL FOR ME). The studio has been such a special place for me during this pregnancy and every instructor has been so adaptive to my needs and limits. Modifying is key for me to stay motivated and pain free. It’s truly been my saving grace this pregnancy. My dr is also a big advocate of barre during pregnancy and has commented multiple times on the difference it’s made for my body and my mental health this pregnancy. That’s a pretty huge endorsement!

I also HIGHLY recommend going to physical therapy for your pelvic floor. This was another commitment I made to myself this pregnancy and it’s changed my life and how I think about my vagina and pelvic floor."

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