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This week we're sharing ALL about pregnancy and how The Studio can play a part in your pregnancy journey!

We're also breaking down facts and research of what's really happening to your body when you're creating another person! (incredible)

First let's talk conception!

The act of actually getting pregnant is incredible and more difficult than most people believe. Most of the time it requires knowledge of your uterine cycle and awareness of ovulation. It requires the health of all involved parties: pelvic floor musculature, ovaries, uterus, cervix, semen, hormones, associated tubes, and more.

From The Studio's standpoint, we can contribute to the health of associated musculature and improved blood flow to ALL parts through our techniques implemented within classes.

A 2016 study found that "moderate PA was associated with improved fertility among all women."

What's moderate PA/physical activity and how often should I be doing it? Moderate physical activity is defined as 64% - 76% of your Max HR for 150 minutes per week.

How do you find these numbers?

First, take 220 and subtract your age (example 220 - 26 y.o. = 194)

Then take that number and multiple it by whatever percentage of moderate you'd like to accomplish when you exercise!

(example: 194 x .75% = 146)

Lastly, monitor your heart rate during exercise with a heart rate monitor or fitness tracker and see how many minutes during exercise you're staying at that heart rate level ~146.

And another study found that manual pelvic physical therapy techniques were found to reverse female infertility "in cases such as occluded fallopian tubes, endometriosis, hormone dysregulation, and PCOS."

While The Studio doesn't use manual pelvic floor physical therapy techniques in classes it does incorporate MANY pelvic floor techniques for improved blood flow and overall improved PFM relaxation and function.

We hope you learned something new and maybe even gave insight to your own fertility/conception journey!

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