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The 2023 Goal you SHOULD have

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Drinking enough water DAILY is crucial to your health. It may seem simple, it may seem like something that’s not super necessary to do every single day, it may seem like the wrong thing to do if you have bladder problems, BUT let us convince you otherwise today.

A general rule of thumb is to drink half of your body weight in ounces daily (ex: 110 lbs = 55 oz of water daily)

If this isn’t happening the following could be affected:

-constipation A 2003 review found that even mild dehydration lead to constipation and bowel dysfunction overall. Adequate hydration will contribute to well-formed and easier to pass stool.

-bladder problems such as pain, increased urinary frequency, potential urinary leakage. This is due to lack of dilution to the lining of the bladder.,pelvic%20pain%20are%20common%20symptoms.

-decreased muscle strength, power, endurance, and increased risk of muscle injury (in chronic cases even muscle wasting)

-impaired ability to orgasm. Pelvic floor muscle strength and function are directly related to one’s ability to have an orgasm and if the muscles are dehydrated and can’t function properly orgasm will potentially be impaired. The surrounding tissues also need adequate hydration to function properly such as vagina, clitoris, penis, etc.

There’s so much more that inadequate hydration effects such as mood, skin, pain levels, and by not drinking enough water everyday you’re doing your body a huge disservice.

Grab your water bottle and cheers to a more hydrated 2023!

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