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The Studio Barre and Wellness is a locally owned and operated fitness studio. We create an intimidation free zone for a stronger and healthier you. Follow the links below to see our schedule of classes and choose a wellness program that fits your lifestyle!

"The Studio has changed my life for the better-The support system, the wonderful clients, physical, mental, and emotional benefits have changed my life in a way I never thought a barre community could!"




> What motivated you to come to The Studio initially?
I had been doing Pilates for a few years and needed a change. I am always looking for new and fun ways to stay motivated. I also do Heather’s hair, and hearing her talk about it made me curious.
> What keeps you coming back?  How do you motivate yourself to get moving or to carve out time for you?
For me exercising is as much a mental necessity as a physical one. I try to make time to do something no matter 30 minutes or an hour at least 5 days a week. I enjoy the Studio because it’s always fun and the classes fly by and then you are like damn that was hard.
> How often do you take class on average?
I do weight training Monday’s and Wednesday’s, so I try to take a barre class on Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday for sure. If my work schedule allows, I will do a Saturday every once in a while.

> How does The Studio differ from other workouts you have tried?  

I like focusing on all the muscles and love the concept of the studio shake. I think the method definitely creates long lean muscles, which I appreciate.
> What do you love about The Studio Barre & Wellness?
I love having a set time to keep me on schedule, and The Studio offers so many times for class it helps keep me on track. I also enjoy a smaller environment where everyone of all ages and physical fitness levels are welcomed.
> What is your favorite barre exercise, stretch or your favorite part of the workout?
I love when we are working more than one muscle group at a time - like doing arms while squatting or anything like that. I also enjoy the planks. This for sure works everything and I think for new clients it is one of those things that makes you feel strong as you get better at doing it. I think small goals reached helps to keep people coming back for more.

Client Spotlight: Christy Rendon

> Tell us something personal about yourself that you don't mind sharing.

am a hairstylist at Tokro’s, and after giving your mind and body to a job all day it’s nice to come to barre and recharge. I am turning 50 this year and my body has changed so much sometimes I don’t recognize myself. But I am driven to continue to strive to be strong and healthy.

> It is SO AWESOME that you completed our "Quarantoned" Challenge & completed 15 classes in 15 days! Did you notice any specific results - mentally/physically? Would you do it again? 

I love a good challenge, and while being stuck at home this just gave me the added push to work on me everyday. I will say the last week I had gone back to work after 8 weeks and really had to push through. Definitely felt better after straight 15 days!

> Did you set any personal goals for 2020?  To Survive :)

> What would you like to share with other folks about exercise, The Studio, your wellness journey, or basically anything that is special to you?

This is a great tribe to be a part of. All the instructors are sweet, strong and really push you to do the best you’ve got for each class. And all the clients are added energy to encourage each other through each workout. 

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